Electronics in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Wednesday, 27 April 2016
  BestHome Luminous with fan in Trivandrum, Kerala
High performance 20w dc fan 3nos 3W power led Elegant design with mini tube light look. 6 Hours of…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 14,500
  BestHome Luminous without Fan in Trvandrum, Kerala
Easy to install a kit with a total of 52 ft wire. Maintenance-free rechargeable battery. Elegant…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 7,500
  Best Mini Solar Led Light in Trivandrum, Kerala
2 Lighting modes - ‘Bright and Super Bright’. Uses High Bright LED technology and produces 100%…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 399
  Best Faina -Solar Portable Light with Mobile Charger in Trivandrum, Kerala
6V 5Watt solar panel for charging . 3W LED wall mount portable light. Built in 6v 4.5 AH SMF…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 3,499
  Best Solar Connectors and Cable in Trivandrum , Kerala
SOLAR CABLES Solar Cable / Connectors Tint copper solar dc cable 2.5mm2,4mm2,6mm2,10mm2,16mm2…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
  Best Solar Panel in Trivandrum, Kerala
MNRE approved 25 yrs of life span High performance polycrystalline 60cell 250wps
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 12,300
Tuesday, 26 April 2016
  MNRE Approved Product AJB In Trivendrum , Kerala
ABS ENCLOSURE: ip65 Input positive-DC fuse Input negative –T/B DC switch 63A / 250V Output terminal…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
  MNRE Approved Product ACDB In Trivendrum , Kerala
High quality abs enclosure with transparent lid. Premium quality terminal connector. MNRE approved…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
  MNRE Approved Product DCDB In Trivendrum , Kerala
High quality abs enclosure with transparent lid Indo Asian DC MCB Premium quality terminal…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
  Best Solar Inverter In Trivandrum , Kerala
Technical Specifications Mains Input Nominal input 230V AC, 50 Hz Input Voltage cut off Computer…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 30,936
  Best Solar Battery In Trivandrum , Kerala
Similar to the tubular battery offerings, only difference being their capacity to withstand partial…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 14,500
Monday, 25 April 2016
    Strongest and attractive Solar Panel Structure In Trivandrum , Kerala
1:2 inch 8mtr GI End clamp & mid clamp Fast and easy mounting Innovative Design Concrete block
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 6,000
Saturday, 23 April 2016
  Best Solar Power Plant In Trivandrum , Kerala
We are one of the leading manufacturers & system integrators in the field of Renewable Energy…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
  Best solar Gate Light-2 In Trivandrum , Kerala
Outer Body: All Stainless Steel Body Panel: 3 Watt Battery: 6V, 4.5 Ah LED: 12 SMD, 1.5W Total…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 5,700
  Best solar Gate Light-1 In Trivandrum , Kerala
Bollard Light Body: Aluminum Powder coated Panel: 3-4 Watt Battery: 6V, 4.5 Ah LED: 12 SMD, 0.5 MM…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 5,900
  Best solar Garden Light In Trivandrum , Kerala
Panel: 3-4 Watt Battery: 6V,4.5 Ah LED: 12SMD, 0.5 MM, 1.5W Dia Meter – Base : 150MM Dia Meter –…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 6,500
  Best Solar Street Light in Trivandrum , Kerala
PV Module -50W Battery -42 AH Light Source – super Bright Whit LED Pole Size – 4 Working Time –…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 18,934
  Best Solar Water Heater in Trivandrum , Kerala
47 mm vacuum tube outer diameter 1800 mm tube length 480 mm outer tank diameter 100 liters to 500…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 18,761
Wednesday, 6 January 2016
  Led Display Screen Suppliers
Whiteness Provide the LED display controller and LED display module With The Best! Whiteness has…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Wednesday, 12 February 2014
  Handheld printer machine
iPrintMarvel -Dot Matrix is a very small, rugged USB & Bluetooth enabled 24 Column mini printer…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram
Rs 10,000
Wednesday, 16 June 2010
  Ups inverter timer
Offline ups starting from 600va to 7. 5kva inverters starting from 200va to 5kva automatic school…
Kerala › Thiruvananthapuram